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For parents wanting to teach their kids about nature in a fun way, this book is just what you need. While many educational books might feel like reading a textbook, “Treasures In The Woods” teaches using fun rhymes and cool pictures, making learning feel truly fun instead of something they have to do for school.

Description: An educational and fun look at some of the common things around us that are often overlooked, the rhymes in this book bring things to life and make it easy to remember interesting details about them. Each rhyme is accompanied by at least one gorgeous full-color close-up photo. Even if your child isn’t reading on their own yet, they will enjoy looking at all of the details in the photos as you read the rhymes to them.

Best suited for ages 3 to 9.


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20 Pages.
Bonus: 4 blank pages for your kids to add their own experiences or drawings of what they’ve seen in the woods.


  By Sarah

This book is absolutely amazing! The poems are so creatively written and detailed. The pictures that go along with each poem are just stunning! This book is such an inspiration to school age children who have an interest in writing poems or for nature. This is a must have book! As a teacher, I am glad to have this book in my book collection to share with all my students!


  By Jessesgirl8 

My children absolutely love this book!My son is 3 years old and can’t get enough of it. He LOVES the real pictures and the poems. He’s learned some new concepts and is always asking to read it again.My daughter is almost 2…She loves it as well. The poems really seem to sooth her. She also asks to read it again and again.I can’t wait to see what else this author has up her sleeve!


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