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Sandi’s newest release, “Sunny The Sea Turtle,” is now available!

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40 pages.  Paperback.  Best suited for ages 3 – 9.

Written by Sandi White
Illustrated by Caitlin Rausch

Follow Sunny’s exciting tale as he hatches out of his egg and gets turned around by the bright lights of the city.  Poor Sunny faces just one of the many dangers that can stop a baby turtle from finding his or her mama.  At the end of the story are things you can do to help turtles live a long and healthy life in our oceans.

A portion of the proceeds of this book are being donated to turtle rescue groups to help them continue rescuing and helping endangered sea turtles.  So, not only are you teaching your child how our actions can affect sea turtles, you’re helping save them as well!

Sunny and his friends say, “Thank you!”


When you order your copy of “Sunny The Sea Turtle” you will also receive an mp3 copy of “The Turtle Song.”  The song was written and performed by Sandi and Rachel White.

(To hear more of Rachel’s music, click here)

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