New Photo Added – And We’re In The Paper!

First off, for those in the Buffalo, NY area – if you happen to get the West Seneca Times, check out today’s paper!  Apparently, our press release made it in!  Wahoo!  😀

Also, I’ve added another picture from inside the book.  This one is of the Dandelions poem.  Check it out on the “Buy ‘Treasures In The Woods'” page!


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Awesome!! A second article!

Today a second article about our book was published online!  This time it was in the West Seneca Sun newspaper’s website.  I’m very excited!  This is pretty awesome.  :-)


Check it out and share!’Treasures_in_the_Woods.html

My new site is up and running!

Some exciting news today!

First, I’ve finally got my new website published.

And second…

The first article on our book has been published online!  My daughter submitted a press release to a few different newspapers yesterday, and today the Community Papers of W. New York published the article on their website!  Yay!  :)

Check it out here!

And don’t forget to support a new author by sharing my book with your friends!

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