It’s almost turtle nesting season!

The water in the Gulf of Mexico is almost warm enough for the endangered sea turtles to come to the beaches to nest.  A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of “Sunny The Sea Turtle” are donated to turtle rescue organizations, who are especially busy this time of year making sure that the turtles’ nests are kept safe!  Your child will love reading the exciting tale of Sunny, a baby sea turtle who gets lost trying to find his way back to the ocean, and ends up taking an adventure through the city!

“Sunny The Sea Turtle” Now Available For Pre-Order!

Sandi’s newest book for kids, “Sunny The Sea Turtle,” is now available for pre-order!  To order your copy, click here.  A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to turtle rescue organizations.  A copy of “Sunny” would make a great Christmas gift!

“Sunny The Sea Turtle” Fundraiser is LIVE!

Did you know that 4 of the 7 species of sea turtles are on the “endangered” or “critically endangered” lists?

We’ve started an IndieGoGo fundraiser for Sandi White’s new children’s book, “Sunny The Sea Turtle.” The book is about the adventures of a baby sea turtle as he breaks out of the nest and has to make his way to the ocean. It was inspired by amazing experiences during a visit to Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

A portion of the proceeds from the finished book will go toward organizations, like Turtle Time, Inc., Saving Sea Turtles in Ft. Myers Beach , that focus on protecting sea turtles.

Money raised during the fundraiser will go toward getting the book illustrated, purchasing an ISBN number for the book, and will help cover the costs of getting the initial printings done.

In return for your donation, there are some really awesome prizes!

If you are unable to donate but would still like to help out, it would be very much appreciated if you would share this fundraiser with any of your friends who might be interested in donating. We need all the help we can get to bring this book to life and bring more awareness to sea turtle and ocean protection!

To donate or to read more information on the book and fundraiser, visit:

Working on fundraiser for “Sunny”

We’re now working on getting the fundraiser ready for “Sunny The Sea Turtle!”  It’s going to be a crowdfunding (like Kickstarter) campaign to raise money to hire an illustrator for the book.

Also, Sunny is now on Twitter!  Follow @SeaTurtleSunny, and “Like” my Facebook page (left) to stay updated on fundraiser and book progress!

Have a great weekend!

I’m In The Lowell Buyers Guide!

Rachel submitted a press release to the Lowell Buyers Guide, and they published it in today’s paper!  The article is about my presentations of “My Family Tree” in January at a Lowell preschool.  Pretty exciting!!  I picked up the paper, turned the first page and said, “Hey, that’s me!” :-)