Meet Sandi

Sandi White was born in Buffalo, New York, but grew up in Tampa, Florida.  As an adult, she’s lived in Colorado and California, and at the moment, lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She’s been to or through most of the country, and has also visited Hawaii and the Bahamas.

When her daughter, Rachel, was young, Sandi started working from home    as a transcriptionist.  She has always enjoyed writing rhymes, whether it’s for a book or making up her own silly lyrics to a favorite song.  Her kids’ favorite books were the ones that were full of rhymes, which she says may have influenced her writing style.

Sandi has released her first book, “Treasures In The Woods,” full of rhymes about different things in nature, accompanied by photographs of that object.  She is currently working on her second book, “My Family Tree,” which is about a young girl who discovers silly stories about her ancestors, and how they all helped make her who she is.  Sandi also wrote a not-yet-released book, “The Egg Hunt,” which is based on the Easter egg treasure hunts she did for her kids.


  1. Judith Rudin

    So excited that you chose my great niece for the illustration of your new book Sunny the Sea Turtle. I wish you much success! Judy Rudin

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